For a Professional Interior Designer

REDCAD is a professional interior design drawing system. For a professional interior designer,
REDCAD will not only promote his/her design deficiency, but also provide a qualify design. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and fast.

With the sample provided, you can style and color you wall and pillar automatically.
● With powerful database management, you can save your own design such as sample furniture, terminology,font and so on.
● Transfers your 2D drawing you designed to 3D mould you specified.
● According to your 2D drawing, it can figure out the amount of the furniturem, the area of carpet and wall paper and the length of wooden chest etc.,

Transparent 3D drawings
Transfers your drawings from 2D to 3D quickly with transparency from different view.

Virtual Tablet
With Virtual Tablet included, by mouse you can operate conveniently like using digitizer.

Learning Assistance video CD
With 8 video CD for learning the most-efficient ways to perform your design.

Working drawing

● With several clicks, you can create your quality drawings quickly and efficiently.
● By entering length, width and height, it automatically create 3D drawings and dimensions.
● With flexibility, you can adjust the dimensions of your sample furniture and symbols as required.
● With different kind of tools for you to mark doors,windows and so on, it is a piece of cake to manipulative this software.

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